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The Fruits Basket Fanclub
Current Residence: The Sohma family house
Favourite cartoon character: Uhh . . . anybody from Fruits Basket?
Personal Quote: Yosh!
For the last time, read the rules before asking to join! I DELETE ALL NOTES THAT DO NOT HAVE RELEVANT SUBJECTS. That includes those that say "club," "no subject," "hi," "um," etc. COMMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED; THEY ARE IGNORED. I only check this club once a week; sometimes once every 2 weeks. If you're not added, then wait. CHECK IF YOU FOLLOWED THE RULES!

Seriously, this is what is driving me to hate furuba. Stop it already.

After checking back for th first time in over two weeks . . . guess what? A whole bunch of idiots find it funny to skip right over the rules and send shit. I even have people who don't follow rules AND double-post/spam. I f this continues, this club will close.


Welcome to the Fruits Basket fanclub! This is a place for all fans of the anime, Fruits Basket, to come together. New members are always welcome!

Guess what? I have just deleted a pile of notes whose subjects did not follow rules. If you are one of those people who sent them, you may not come asking me why I did not add you. The rules are there for a reason.

Also, please note that the club management will be changing sometime in the future. Not sure when/how soon, but there will be no contests until then.

1. You have to at least like Fruits Basket.
2. No flaming other members.
3. Be nice.
4. Please put the club icon in your journal.
5. Furuba art is not neccessary, but if you would like to have it looked at and commented by FruitsBasket-club, just send a note with a link. Who knows, maybe it will make it to the favorites list. ;)  (If you want comments on art other than furuba fanart, you'll have to note Kitsunehime instead.)

~How to join~
1. Send a note to FruitsBasket-club. Please note: I often overlook deviant comments. If you leave one there, please don't expect it to be answered right away.
2. Put the club icon in your journal, like this :icon fruitsbasket-club: except without the spaces.
3. Then I'll add you to the list. =)

~On notes/subject lines:
1. 'Join' is for joining the club. I delete any that say 'club', 'no subject', 'hi', etc.
2. 'fanart' is for submitting fanart to be listed. 'look at my art' will be deleted.
3. 'Affiliate' is for applying for affiliation.
4. 'Contest Entry' is only for contests. Contest entries sent under 'Fanart' will not be listed as an entry.
5. 'Notice' is for anything else, such as innaccurate information, information regarding any broken rules/DA policies, etc.

Any notes that do not have 'Join', 'Fanart', 'Affiliate', 'Contest Entry' 'Fanfiction', 'Submission', or 'Notice' in the subject will be ignored and promptly deleted. I have had enough with all the retards who don't read the rules and put 'club' or 'no subject'.

If you *believe* you sent a note, but still aren't on the list
First look at the "Sent Items" section (it's one of the Notes subfolders). If you haven't deleted anything lately, and there is nothing addressed to this club there, then you did not send a note to join. I do make mistakes, but before complaining, please check to see what went wrong first. Also, if your note had 'club' or 'no subject' in the subject, it was prompty deleted. Read the rules!!!

A few more notes~ (Sorry, but people seem to be lacking in common sense.

One: If you've sent one 'join' note, don't send a second. I don't log on every day, so it might take a few days before you're added.
Two: Junk mail is NOT appreciated. You know who you are.
Three: when sending fanart links, it helps to have the subject labeled as such. Same with join and affiliation notes.
Four: The date on the members list won't change, neither will watchers be notified. Some find it irritating to see non-important clublists popping up in their messages.
Five: I am sorely tempted to ignore people who send multiple notes. If you computer is acting up/not responding, don't refresh! Check your "Sent notes" box before trying again.

That said, thank you for taking the time to read.

Participation is not mandatory. ;)


Subject: Draw Micchan (Shigure's editor) finally catching Shigure and forcing him to work. >:)
(idea credited to :iconcrescentlady:.)
Prize: A drawing from either crescentlady or Kitsunehime. If anyone else is interested in helping with the prize, please note the club. =)
Submitting: send a note with a link. "Contest Entry" as the subject line helps too . . . *hint*hint*

End date: October 20 (Since no one participated, it has been pushed back. If no one partipates then, there will be no more club contests.)
Voting begins the day after that and will end on November 1. Non-club members are also invited to vote. =D

Since we only have one entry, there will be no voting.

~Club founder and admin:

~Members and Affiliates~
~Past Contests~
~Furuba Fanarts~

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fruitsbasketrp-da Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
This is the official RP group for Fruitsbasket.
dArkeRiaNnE Featured By Owner May 2, 2009  Professional General Artist
is this still active?
TheFallingSnow Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Fruits Basket (:
The manga more so than the anime though ;3
Anyways, may I join pretty please?
PhantomGhostGirl Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
Can i join plz?Can submit art aswell plz?I'd love to join.:D
tengokunoyuushi Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
i want to join too but this seems dead..
OMGGIRLZ Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
I know right
i guess in joining another Fruits Basket club
Shoeafull Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
May I please join I am a fan but I haven't seen a lot of the episodes but I'm still a fan of it!
Hunny-N-Momiji-Club Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
Please read the journal,of course all clubs need a note asking to join so spaming is verry unessacary.
TheJitsuAlchemist Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
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